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From the patio, Billy and Lily watch Adam and Connor (in his Halloween costume) come into CL’s. Sally’s watching from the main entrance. Poor Connor mopes about his Mom. Chelsea’s in bed – she doesn’t budge when Adam calls.

At the office, Vikki thinks her COO should be the first to know that she’s replacing Sally with Nate. Nick looks grim.

Nate leaves a message for Devon – we’re family – we need to find a way to mend this.

Back on the patio, Billy appreciates Lily being so concerned about the kids – when she has so much on the go with the IPO. She reassures Billy that it’s fine for him to leave CW. Getting a text, she tells him to stay and hurries out.

Sally comes in to compliment Connor on his costume. He’s got a full night planned with his friends. Adam wants to wait a few more minutes for Mom to come. She won’t come, Connor’s sure – she doesn’t care about anything. She’s OK, right?

When Nick makes a case for keeping Sally, Vikki has to wonder if he’d be fighting for her if they didn’t share a connection.

As Chelsea mopes in her dark room, Adam tells Connor that his Mom would never forget Halloween. He then leaves Sally to entertain Connor.

It’s Vikki’s call and she wants to be surrounded by people she trusts. Nate turned his back on his family, Nick points out.

Billy drops by Nate’s apartment to congratulate him for being a bigger screw than he is. He’d like to see this thing fixed. Why? Nate doesn’t understand why.

Having reflected on his own family history, Billy also knows that Nate and Devon have been through worse. Devon’s not returning my calls, Nate assumes he and Lily hate him. Told that’s not true, Nate’s left to answer Devon’s call.

Reassuring Connor that she’s still Adam’s friend, Sally does a great job of him.

Adam knocks on (and talks through) Chelsea’s door. Are you OK? he asks when she opens it.

Chelsea explains that she’s feeling under the weather and fell asleep. She’s sorry to hear that Connor feels she’s pulling away from him. I won’t let it happen again, she asks for a minute to get ready. Adam looks worried as he waits.

Nate never revealed that I was the person he was working with, Vikki appreciates his loyalty to her. Sally was loyal too (in not publishing how Ashland really died) Nick asks who’s thinking of what’s best for Newman and who’s acting on feelings?

Nate lets Devon into his penthouse – he wants to talk without accusations. We both said a lot in the heat of the moment. Did ‘we’? Devon asks. Nate apologizes for planning to take Neil’s legacy away from him and Lily. He hopes Devon can forgive him. Let’s talk. OK,Devon’s been thinking too – maybe there’s some truth to what Nate.

Why are you here? Lily’s surprised when Billy shows up at CW. She doesn’t seem impressed to hear that he went to see Nate, without so much as running it by her first. This has nothing to do with helping my family heal – you feel guilty for walking away.

Devon will miss his Dad for the rest of his life – but, he did the best he could to guide Nate as Neil would. Nate convinced himself that it was in everyone’s best interest if he took over CW. If you’re sorry give me the name of the CEO you were plotting with, Devon leaves without getting one.

Vikki thinks Nate will surprise them all. If not, she has other candidates. Do you want to tell Sally or will I? I will, Nick leaves.

Connor and Sally are having a great chat when Adam arrives with Chelsea (who looks devastated as she watches the pair high-five)

Chelsea gushes over Connor’s costume, then says hello to Sally. Coaxed into going outside to take photos with his parents, Connor says hi to his Uncle Nick on his way out. We need to talk, Nick tells Sally.

Lily blasts Billy for putting himself in the middle – it’s my company, my family, I’ll handle it as I see fit.

Vikki’s summoned Nate to her office to offer him the job of CEO of Newman Media.

Tuesday, October 25th, 2022 – Toni's Young and Restless Spoiler Site (2024)
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