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In the penthouse, Nate updates Elena – I did it for you. She’s sorry, but there is no ‘us’ anymore.

At Society, Ashley tells Jack that she’s meeting Tucker – but I think that bastard stood me up.

Devon barges into Tucker’s suite – did you come back to GC to go after Chancellor Winters? Are you the CEO who’s been fed inside information?

Nick didn’t invite Sally to dinner. Chloe doesn’t have a good feeling about this; she’s with Adam right now, they both conclude.

Meanwhile, on the rooftop, Adam just wants to have an open and honest discussion. Sally mocks his hypocrisy- honest? You tricked me into coming. Trying the door and finding it locked, she threatens to call the cops.

OK, Adam will unlock the door if that’s what Sally really wants. It was wrong to deceive you but he pleads for one last chance. You can go if you want. Sally’s not sure what she wants.

No more us? I did what I did for us, Nate’s annoyed that he owned up to everything, for Elena. And, she’s frustrated that he still doesn’t think he did anything wrong. The Dr Hastings she fell in love with is gone.

Elena’s going to take the interview in Baltimore (?) An angry Nate decides that her reason for leaving GC has nothing to do with what he’s done. It’s on you.

Tucker can see that Devon’s ‘flying blind’ – he’ll apply his resources to find out who’s involved in this leak. Devon politely declines – the leak has been plugged. Has it? Tucker can see he’s not sure of that. Just say the word and I’ll help.

If Nick won’t put a stop to this rendezvous, Chloe will. Nick stops her from interrupting. Sally must be the one to decide whether this time with Adam is closure or a reconnect.

Fine, I’ll have dinner, this is kinda nice, Sally sits. When his groveling is rebuffed, Adam wonders if it was really that easy for her to move on to someone else.

You made me feel used and lied to, Sally says there may be no going back. Adam will accept that but vows to prove her wrong.

Concerned by Nick’s nonchalance, Chloe warns that if he breaks Sally’s heart, she’ll break his legs. Nick’s amused – he’ll only pursue Sally at a pace she’s uncomfortable with. Chloe worries he won’t get the chance because Adam’s working his voodoo right now.

Ashley tells Jack that she’s only meeting Tucker because she suspects he had some sort of connection to Diane (while she was in LA)

Did I do or say something to offend you? Tucker’s puzzled. No, Devon admits – it’s me. Tucker’s sure Devon understands his wanting to help his son, since he’s a father now himself.

Elena tried to support Nate through his moral dilemma. The man I fell in love with is not the man standing in front of me. Nate still believes they can fix this – I’m the man you fell in love with. Both are in tears. You’re all I have – don’t go, please stay, Nate pleads.

Elena’s not leaving because she wants to, but because she has to – you don’t understand that what you did was wrong. We haven’t been a ‘team’ in a long time. Elena no longer sees a future with Nate.

When Jack doesn’t think it a big big deal that Diane was seen in the company of a wealthy Bentley-driving gentleman in LA (same car Tucker gave Kyle and Summer) Ashley wonders how far Diane’s gotten under his skin.

Over dinner and drinks, Adam and Sally laugh. Yes, she liked her filet mignon. And for dessert? Humble Pie. Both miss their friendship and will treasure the time they spent together.

Nick would be an idiot to ignore that the chapter on Adam and Sally isn’t closed. She needs to work through her feelings before they can take things to the next level. Maybe Chloe’s underestimating Sally or overestimating Adam’s hold over her.

Adam believes Sally’s using Nick to forget what she shared with Adam. No, this isn’t about Nick – what I meant to say is…. And, just like that, the spell is broken. Sally won’t be a prize for the brothers to fight over.

Jack doesn’t like Ashley and Nikki trying to ruin Diane, and if your goal is to protect your family, don’t do anything to hurt my son.

Devon’s sorry for barging in. No worries but next time bring Dominic, Tucker jokes. Yes, he gives his word as a father and grandfather that he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize those relationships.

The long goodbye continues. Elena’s going to Baltimore – even if she doesn’t get the job, she thinks they both need to be alone for a while. She’ll come pick up her stuff while Nate’s at work. Nate reminds that he no longer has a job. After she leaves, Nate calls Vikki – he needs to see her to discuss a new development, it’s not good.

Tucker arrives at Society to apologize for being late. Ashley thinks it for the best – see you around. Jack stands – are you going to let go of what we talked about? Not a chance, see you later boys. That leaves Jack to demand Tucker take a seat – we need to talk.

Adam wishes he could take back what he said – this isn’t about Nick but we must address the elephant in the room. You dumped me – and just can’t stand that I’m with someone else – your brother.

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Next Week: I want to know what’s going on between you and my Dad – why you’re spending time together outside the office, Summer confronts Sally …. I have good news, Chris tells Mariah and Tessa … Vikki tells Nate that she’s going to find him a suitable position here – Chancellor Winters loss is Newmans’ gain.

Thursday, October 13th, 2022 – Toni's Young and Restless Spoiler Site (2024)
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