Snoop Dogg's Favorite Snack To Munch On Is Simple And To The Point - Foodie (2024)

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Snoop Dogg's Favorite Snack To Munch On Is Simple And To The Point - Foodie (4)


Most would assume a celebrity's favorite dish would be extravagant —something you'd find only in a star-studded Michelin restaurant —and for many, that'd be correct. But some cultural icons across the globe like to enjoy familiar things that remind them of who they were before they achieved a high level of success. Snoop Dogg is one of those celebrities, and his most beloved snack is all about keeping it real.


When the D.O. Double G. gets the munchies, there is one go-to option to satisfy those late-night cravings — hard-boiled eggs on toast. As Snoop Dogg once described the simple dish to BI, "I put the egg in the middle of the toast like the elementary school breakfast they used to give. We couldn't wait to get to school to get that hard-boiled egg and put it in the toast. A beautiful thing."

Though the gangsta rap superstar has created a larger-than-life persona, at the end of the day, he is a simple man from a humble upbringing. With Southern family roots, Snoop Dogg grew up eating comfort food like fried chicken, mac-n-cheese, and sweet potato pie. The food he enjoys today is emblematic of cuisine that brought him comfort as a boy, much like other celebrities with simple tastes for the Southern fare they grew up with. But being the entrepreneur The Doggfather is, simply eating great food is not enough.


Snoop Dogg's evolution from snacking on eggs with toast

Snoop Dogg's Favorite Snack To Munch On Is Simple And To The Point - Foodie (5)


Snoop's culinary journey started like many other newcomers in the industry, working at a McDonalds. During his tenure making McGriddles for hungry Long Beach residents, he earned the moniker "Young Eggs" due to the aptitude he displayed in cracking eggs for the masses. It may be where his love of eggs on toast was strengthened. Today, he has a wildly successful cookbook and has partnered with another, achieving culinary stardom along the way.


Snoop Dogg published "From Crook To Cook: Platinum Recipes From Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen" in 2018, and it topped the charts for celebrity cookbooks in 2022 after his appearance at the Super Bowl and hosting the Puppy Bowl between food commercials with longtime friend and business partner Martha Stewart. The cookbook features comfort food dishes with a twist, like a fried bologna sandwich and Hennesy mashed potatoes made with cognac and mayonnaise. The types of snacks that perfectly satisfy the strongest of late-night munchies with a uniquely Snoopadelic twist.

His latest foray into the culinary world is "Snoop Dogg Presents Goon with the Spoon," a collaboration between himself and longtime friend and mentor Earl "E-40" Stevens. They have concocted well-received recipes representative of Californians' taste preferences, like air fryer honey walnut shrimp and turkey sausage Scotch eggs. But when Snoop wants some good home cooking that he doesn't make himself, he visits his dearest celebrity cook for his favorite bites.


Snoop Dogg loves to snack with MarthaStewart

Snoop Dogg's Favorite Snack To Munch On Is Simple And To The Point - Foodie (6)

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While the recipes are his own, Snoop Dogg's BFF Martha Stewart (who is no stranger to eggs herself)wrote the foreword for his cookbook and helped promote it, and they have been cooking together for over 15 years. Over that period, Snoop has many times impressed her with his culinary skills; she once said that the best thing he ever made for her was his version of Lobster Newburg. As for the Doggystyle creator, the best dish Martha has ever made for him spoke to love of Southern cuisine — buttermilk fried chicken.


Snoop Dogg wears many hats as he remains a musician, marijuana entrepreneur, pet products producer, football coach, and more. But when donning his chef's cap, he aims to have people come together, share memories, and bond over a good meal. When life gets stressful, and the kitchen seems like chaos, it's a good idea to keep Snoopzilla's most important rule of the kitchen in mind. As Snoop Dogg once told the Takeout, "Keep it laid back. You can learn all those fancy tricks and go crazy tryin' to get everything looking perfect, but at the end of the day, it's all about coming together over something you put out. People dig that effort. And remember to turn the oven off. That's the wrong kind of blaze."




Snoop Dogg's Favorite Snack To Munch On Is Simple And To The Point - Foodie (2024)
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