Meevo Spa and Salon Software | Simplify Operations (2024)

With Meevo, you'll have the features and resources needed to grow your salon and spa—all in one place and in an easy-to-use business management platform.

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Meevo Salon and Spa Management Software

Meevo spa salon software was created by beauty industry experts, after years of observing the inner workings of the salon and spa industry. You're in this business to service clients, not be knee-deep in spreadsheets. Meevo enables you to spend less time ON your business and more time IN your business.

Meevo is a cloud-based business management tool for salons and spas with:

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Appointment Booking

With fast and easy online booking and appointment setting, Meevo can keep your book full and service professionals productive. The software’s Convobar® and Waitlist features make it easy to schedule, adjust, or cancel appointments in seconds. You can also set up and track clients' preferences to create personalized experiences.

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Meevo provides the tools you need to market your spa and salon business and succeed. The software's marketing features include email marketing, social media, review management, and online presence monitoring, helping you spend more time on servicing your clients while still growing your clientele.

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Inventory Management

Keep tabs on your spa and salon's inventory using Meevo's inventory management features. You'll never worry about running out of your most popular products again. Easily manage and view inventory for one or multiple locations in one source.

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Credit Card Processing

With MeevoPay, your salon and spa can store cards on file, offer contactless payment options, and provide chair-side checkout with low processing fees and secure and safe transactions. Our credit card processing features also help you streamline the process of appointment deposits and charging for memberships or missed appointments.

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Employee Management

Simplify service professionals scheduling and clocking in and out with Meevo's employee management features. The software also enables you to accept tips, run employee contests, and plan for employee pay raises and promotions, incorporating increased salary rates into your overall business plan.

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Business Goal-Setting

Meevo gives you insight to your spa and salon's historical data, which you can use to set business goals for the coming months or years. Plan and manage client loyalty programs, memberships, retail sales, service productivity and more.

Meevo has Helped Salons and Spas Overcome their Biggest Challenges for More than 35 Years

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  • Managing multiple locations

    Seamlessly monitor multiple locations, drill down to into a single location, collect real-time data and cut back on data entry—Meevo's Central Office puts all the data you need at your fingertips, increasing efficiency and leaving you more time to focus on the big picture.

  • Accessing innovative technology

    Meevo has been an industry innovator since the company was founded. Our software allows you to provide a mobile-friendly, contactless experience for your clients, with the features you need in an easy-to-use system.

  • Attracting and retaining clients

    Client retention is key to your spa and salon's success. Our software makes booking follow-up appointments a breeze. We've also simplified the process of booking initial appointments.

  • Improving frequency of visits

    The more often a client visits your salon, the greater your revenue. Meevo enables you to create client loyalty or membership programs that encourage clients to book more appointments.

  • Increasing average ticket

    Encourage clients to book add-on services and products, such as combining a haircut with deep conditioner or combining a facial with dermal fillers to boost your average ticket. Our software prompts for upsell services when booking online or through your front desk.

  • Boosting efficiency and saving time

    Clients can book appointments in seconds through our software. Your service providers can also update appointments or manage cancellations quickly and easily.

  • Providing the business side of beauty and wellness

    You got into the beauty and wellness industry for a reason, but you may not have the business experience required to map out a growth plan or keep on top of your spa and salon's financial side. Meevo simplifies business management, so you can focus on providing the best services to your clients while still growing your business.

Gain Access to Meevo's Exclusive Tools

With Meevo, your salon or spa gains access to features and tools not found on any other salon and spa management software in the industry.

  • Comprehensive Marketing Suite

    Attract more clients, improve retention, and grow sales with powerful marketing solutions included in every subscription.

  • Convenient and Fast Appointment Assistant

    Quickly and easily navigate your book and schedule appointments using voice recognition and AI with Meevo's patented appointment assistant, Convobar®.

  • Industry-Leading Reports and Analytics

    Access to over 150 industry-leading reports and view real-time analytics to better understand business performance.

  • Personalized, Dynamic Analytic Dashboards

    Always know your most important numbers with Smart Centers, customizable role-based dashboards that display live metrics and shortcuts.

  • Simplified Membership and Package Management

    Effortlessly manage memberships and packages including family sharing, swap/split options, freezing abilities, and billing automation.

  • Powerful Security Controls

    Define employee access levels, limit off-site usage, and set custom security alerts so you can keep your business secure 24/7.

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Salon and Spa Owner Testimonials

With Meevo, your salon and spa has the tools to succeed. Thousands of spas and salons benefit from Meevo daily. Take a look at a few of their stories:

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“It's so useful having the data at my fingertips. I can track progress towards our daily, weekly, and monthly goals. We have two weeks left in a contest from our supplier, and I looked up our numbers and we have already beat the goal by 30%!

Sharon B.
Owner of Tangles Hair Salon & Spa
Ontario, CA

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“Meevo is different from other software in the attention to detail to each aspect of daily spa life. I love the Convobar®, color scheme and layout of Meevo and the missed opportunities feature. They help create efficiency and inform areas of the business that could be improved.”

Carlin S.
Guest Services of Progressions Salon & Spa
Rockville, MD

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“The implementation and training team went above and beyond in helping us transition our data and set up the system. Our management, guest service and service professionals already love Meevo and we just started using it!”

Melissa E.
President of Robert Andrew Salon & Spa
Gambrills, MD

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What Do You Get with Meevo?

With subscription levels based on your number of users, you can select a Meevo plan that's perfect for your business. You'll get all the features you'll ever need to grow your salon and spa, including:

  • Unlimited One-Way Emails

  • Automatic Text and Email Confirmation and Reminders

  • In-House Five-Star Support Team

  • On-Demand Education and Training

  • Dedicated Client Success Manager

  • Meevo Marketing Suite

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Meevo Compatible with Mobile Devices?


Yes, Meevo allows you to work anywhere from any device, including your PC, Mac, and all iOS and Android devices. It's a business management app-without needing to download an app.

Can I Use Meevo at More than One Location?


Meevo streamlines salon and spa operations, whether you own a single location, multiple locations, or are part of a franchise. Our multi-location features allow you to keep track of data across all your locations.

Can I Use Meevo to Manage My Salon and Spa Employees?


Yes, Meevo has several employee management features built in. The time clock, accessible from the Convobar®, lets your team members clock in and out to record their activity and breaks. The Scheduling Manager makes planning out employees' schedules easy, accounting for time off and weekends. You can also use Meevo to track employee progress and plan for raises and promotions.

Is Millennium Systems International HIPAA Compliant?


Millennium Systems International staff has been trained and educated on the importance of safeguarding Protected Health Information, allowing your salon or spa to carry HIPAA compliance into your own business and beyond. To read more about our HIPAA compliance, click here.

Can I Import Data from Another Software Provider?


Yes! Meevo offers optional data entry services to support your migration process. Save time on transitioning to Meevo—contact a Sales Representative for more information at or (973) 402-9500

Do You Offer Training?


Yes, we offer a variety of Training Options that include our online portal—Meevo Academy, a hub of resources—Meevo Inspo, and other educational opportunities to support our clients.

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Meevo Spa and Salon Software | Simplify Operations (2024)
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