Fortnite: 15 Best Single-Player Maps (And The Codes) (2024)


  • Fortnite Creative 2.0 with Unreal Engine 5 has revolutionized single-player maps, allowing for immersive experiences beyond the base game.
  • From horror to high-speed chases, players can enjoy custom narratives and gameplay in meticulously designed single-player maps.
  • With the constant evolution of Creative and UEFN, creators can continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in Fortnite maps.

Fortnite and its Creative 2.0 have taken the Creative game mode by storm with its Unreal Engine 5 integration. Players have started to build maps that look immensely different from that base game, which is impressive. Now that Unreal Engine 5 has been built into Creative mode, players have actually started to create custom single-player maps that play out like legitimate games outside of Fortnite. Even beginners can immerse themselves in these maps.


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These single-player maps sometimes even have a narrative to go along with them. These maps look and feel fabulous while providing a story that drives the player toward the end of the game. Whether high-end action or profound horror, Fortnite single-player maps can be enthralling.

Updated on June 20, 2024, by Ashely Claudino: With the ongoing evolution of Fortnite Creative and UEFN, custom island creators are able to improve their projects and make new and more astonishing creations. This list has been updated with more entries as well as information on previous entries.

15 Driftboard Mountain


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Lovers of winter sports will more than likely be captivated by the Driftboard Mountain map's gameplay, as it allows players to snowboard off the top of large snowy mountains. The setting of Driftboard Mountain stays true to reality, as grand mountains, trees, and other obstacles may get in players' way while snowboarding on this map.

Although this is a multiplayer Creative map, players are more than welcome to go solo with the Driftboard Mountain experience. Playing this map as a single-player map will allow players to access the entire map to themselves, and experience the game as if they were playing Steep.

14 RoopRoom


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Utilizing the advantage that map creators have with the Unreal Engine 5 upgrade, RoopRoom was created. RoopRoom is a single-player horror map that places players in a horrific house setting.

In this horror map on Fortnite, players must attempt to escape their surroundings and search for clues on how to finally get out of the haunted building. Horror maps are some of the most popular single-player games on Fortnite, and RoopRoom is one of the best horror maps that players can get into all by themselves.

13 The Night At Pizzeria


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Fans of the Five Nights At Freddy's franchise will definitely love this Fortnite Creative Island, which was clearly inspired by the single-player survival horror game. In The Night At Pizzeria, players will be working a shift at a local pizzeria restaurant and will be in charge of monitoring the store's animatronics.

There are several different robotic beings, each of which has its own unique ways of traversing the map. Players will need to watch their battery life, scour every camera for suspicious happenings, and make sure to stop the animatronics from reaching them by closing the doors on each side of the room.

12 Forest Guardian


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With the release of Unreal Engine 5 and Creative 2.0 on Fortnite, Epic Games uploaded a few of their own Creative 2.0 maps. One of these maps is the Forest Guardian game.

Forest Guardian allows players to welcome themselves into a grand and magical forest, which looks incredible. In this forest, gamers will have to fight various creatures like wolves to progress.



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At the start of the game, gamers will be granted a sword that they must use to defeat creatures. At the end of the game, players will encounter a threatening and large beast that makes the game feel as if the players weren't playing Fortnite at all. Forest Guardian is easily one of the best single-player maps out there, and one of the best-looking maps as well.

11 Cyber Rush


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Cyber Rush is one of the greatest maps in all of Fortnite due to how incredible it looks as well as its exciting gameplay. In Cyber Rush, players will be thrown into a high-pursuit chase in a futuristic city setting.

Seeming as if the game was ripped straight out of an action movie, players will have to fight against enemies attempting to take them out, all while traveling at high speeds. Cyber Rush is great for players who are looking for an invigorating solo experience in Fortnite outside its competitive battle royale game modes.

10 The Caves


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Players looking for more of a thriller in their Creative 2.0 map experience will want to cross paths with The Caves. This is a Creative 2.0 Fortnite map that tosses its players into a grand maze of a cave system.

Those who end up in The Caves will seek a way out, and in doing so, may encounter some terrifying and monstrous creatures, such as giant spiders. Not only does The Caves offer a great escape map, but it also provides a narrative that will help immerse players in its creepy atmosphere.

9 The Space Inside


Fortnite: 15 Best Single-Player Maps (And The Codes) (9)

The Space Inside is yet another one of Epic Games's Creative 2.0 maps that players can seek out in Fortnite. Standing out as one of the unique maps in Fortnite, players will be lost within a vast and eerie space station-like setting, which shifts within almost every corner.



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To escape from wherever players have been thrown into, gamers will have to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles, which progressively get more complicated. It is also notable that the environment in The Space Inside looks incredible, and shows just how much Unreal Engine 5 can upgrade Fortnite maps.

8 The Arcade


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Fans of old-school video games that were initially presented as mini-games in arcade machines will want to try out The Arcade as soon as possible. Its developers over at Infinity Studios have created a wonderful and nostalgic experience within The Arcade. Players will come across a beautifully lit arcade within this Fortnite map.

While looking around, players will notice that there is one playable arcade game, and that is Droopy Flops, which is a homage to Flappy Bird, a game that went viral several years ago and was known to take up a lot of fans' time. Not only that, but Infinity Studios has stated that there will soon be more arcade machines that will be playable in The Arcade.

7 Bunker Tycoon


Bunker Tycoon gives players the chance to run their own bunker. They must earn currency by farming metal, purchasing workers, and taking down monsters. This allows them to purchase more rooms and floors, improve their equipment, and increase the amount of time they can survive outside. As they slay more monsters outside, they'll increase their Survivor level which unlocks even better geat.

It is easy to let time fly in Bunker Tycoon, as gamers will find themselves lost in this typical management game loop. On top of this, it's always exciting to see what the next Science purchase will unlock.

6 Idle Guardians Simulator


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Idle Guardians Simulator takes a lot of inspiration from many browser and mobile games that let players essentially AFK farm their way to riches as they have NPCs take on enemies. Starting in Idle Guardians Simulator, fans will face waves of various monsters themselves to earn money.

They will then use that money to purchase different characters, such as the Farmer or Queen. These characters will meet the enemies at their villainous gate and defeat them without the player's help. After a while, players will have a large collection of different characters in their AFK game.

5 Farmlife4


Farmlife4 is an extremely relaxing Farming Simulator, which can help gamers unwind after a long day. Here, players will be able to take care of livestock, grow crops, sell their produce, go mining, fishing, or foraging, and there's no daily timer, which can be stressful most of the time in farming games.

Gamers can take care of their farm while earning XP to level up the Battle Pass, and while up to four players can join in on the fun, this works perfectly as a single-player game. On top of this, it's constantly receiving updates so the experience will continuously get better and better.

4 The Forgotten Ones 6


Fortnite: 15 Best Single-Player Maps (And The Codes) (13)

Although this title is the sixth in its series, The Forgotten Ones 6 is a standalone Creative map that any gamer can jump right into. Though The Forgotten Ones 6 takes a previous villain and incorporates them into the sixth map, the plot is easy to follow. But, players just looking for a thrill won't be worried too much about the story, as The Forgotten Ones 6 offers fans an incredible survival horror experience that not many other maps withhold.

In The Forgotten Ones 6, fans will run around a large map as they attempt to run and hide from the different creatures that chase them around. Not only does this map look incredible but the mechanics and various features throughout the game are more than impressive.

3 Park Tycoon 2


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Tycoon games have been very popular since the rise of the video game industry, and that fact has remained steadfast through generations. With Roblox withholding such a heap of success from tycoon-like games, Fortnite was bound to see a rise in such maps with its feature of letting players create whatever maps they liked.

Park Tycoon 2 is one such Creative map, which allows gamers to take an amusem*nt park into their own hands. As players earn passive income, they will be able to purchase new rides, park details, and other forms of payment, such as a gold mine.

2 Music Maker V3


Fortnite: 15 Best Single-Player Maps (And The Codes) (15)

Many sandbox games, or at least titles that have a sandbox-like mode, have at least one way for players to make their own music. Fortnite is no exception to that fact, as there are many ways for Creative players to use different objects to create sound, which means that music is an option for creators.

On this map, Music Maker V3, fans can take control of a widely customizable musical mixer. This lets them mix their own beats and music to their liking. There are even different genres/styles that players can play around with, making this map all the more captivating.

1 Getting Only Up


Fortnite: 15 Best Single-Player Maps (And The Codes) (16)

Only Up had a period of immense popularity within the Fortnite community. With Only Up taking Creative by storm, there have been dozens of duplicates throughout the game mode's menu. After a while though, only a few maps remained, and Getting Only Up was one of them.

Getting Only Up is one of the more unique experiences that players can get into, as the map takes heavy inspiration from Getting Over It. Players, who are confined to a pot, will need to scale rocky terrain and various obstacles to reach the top, which is fairly difficult.

Fortnite: 15 Best Single-Player Maps (And The Codes) (17)
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Fortnite: 15 Best Single-Player Maps (And The Codes) (2024)
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