Don't Starve: How To Use Wilson's Insight Points (2024)

Don't Starve Together is arguably one of the best dark indie survival games out there, and rightly so as the developers have done a great job at creating a diverse cast of characters and exciting new worlds every time players log in. And while players start out with several more characters to try compared to its prequel, Don't Starve, it's known that some characters are better than others. One of the starting characters that many players avoid is Wilson due to his lack of qualities. A good deal of praise goes to his incredible beard that keeps him stylish and warm, but other than being the first character players see on the roster, he's a far cry from useful.

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Thankfully, Klei Entertainment has kept both games up to date. One of the most recent updates in the multiplayer version focuses on Wilson, reworking his qualities and giving him some perks. Now, instead of players using Wilson as a means to grasp the game on its own before adding additional perks and weaknesses, players can now gain Insight Points which help players survive with a variety of new skills. This not only puts Wilson on top with some of the better characters, but this gives newcomers that try Wilson an added advantage when surviving The Constant. This is all players need to know about gaining Insight Points and how to use them in Don't Starve Together.

What Are Insight Points?

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Like many survival games, players are rewarded with points in one way or another that they can use to buy skills. These skills help players do a variety of things, whether it is helping players craft better items, last longer in fights, or maybe become a master chef, each section has a way of boosting an individuals chance at surviving. This is a trait that many games possess in the genre, and now Wilson has this power all to himself.

However, while some games give players points based on activities or accomplishments, Don't Starve Together hands out points based on the days survived. There are 26 skills in total, but players will only get 15 points, and it takes a while for players to even gain all those points. Right now, it takes around 160 days to receive all the points.Unfortunately, that means players can't purchase every skill available, so players need to be picky on what they want.

How To Use Them?

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Once players receive notice that they have a point, it will show up in the top left corner as an eye in a banner. Once players have a point, they'll have to navigate to the tree, which is on the far right of their tools bar at the bottom where a black silhouette of Wilson is. By clicking this image, the skill tree will open. To start, there will only be three skills to start with which will slowly open up new items in the future.

These points will also transfer to other worlds. If players select Wilson as their starting character and click the Skillset button next to the Go button, players can take a look at his skills and even reset them for those that want to try a new build. This allows for a diverse playthrough each time.

Insight Point Categories

While players can look through all the points in-game, for those that want a better explanation and to potentially see the perks of each category before diving in, this is a break-down of each skill tree. While there are four categories, players can only focus on three at first, and will have to work hard to unlock the fourth one.

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One thing about Wilson is that he has an amazing beard. While it keeps him a bit warmer during the cold nights, now it can be used for even greater purposes. Players can choose to upgrade Insulation which will help players stay warmer much easier. But Growth is also a great category, making sure that players can shave more often and create Meat Effigies.

Once players reach the bottom of this tree, they can upgrade their beard to the point where food can be stored inside, which is a great way to ensure that players have food when they're out adventuring.


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The Torch category is exactly what it says. Players can now expand on the simple torch item. Longevity will help with the duration of the Torch, while Range will expand the radius, making sure that the night will have no effect on players.

At the end of the line, players can upgrade the torch to have the ability to be thrown, which can be extremely useful during tricky situations.


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Alchemy is a very useful category for several of reasons. Crafting can be a pain, but when upgrading this category, players can use less resources to make an item, or even craft items they wouldn't be able to before. There are three categories underneath Alchemy that focuses on specific aspects. The first is Ore, or minerals, which include crafting twigs into logs, and logs into twigs. Or even Nitre into Gold Nuggets, and vice versa.

Gems is the next category, which can be beneficial when crafting a gem if players don't have the specific right one. The last one is Icky, which focuses on crafting meats, hair or wool, manure or even bone shards. This is a great category that might be favored over the rest, as it can come in handy at any point of the game.


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Players will notice on the right that there is a tree that is locked to them. This is the Affinity skill tree, but there are some requirements to unlock them. The main one is that players will need to unlock 12 skills before they start their Affinity journey. Depending on which side they want to focus on, players will also need to defeat certain enemies.

In order to work on the Shadow Courtier skillset, players will need to defeat the Ancient Fuelweaver. And for the Lunar Innovator, players have to defeat the Celestial Champion. However, players should note that they can only focus on one of these sides, not both. They need to have no opposite Affinity in order to complete the other, so make sure to choose which path they want wisely. The Shadow Courtier will help players take 10% less damage from shadows but will deal 10% more damage to mutants, Celestial Champion and Gestalts, and if players choose the Lunar Innovator, the opposite will occur.

Either way, players have a chance at finding all sorts of great ways to use these skill, and this might be a chance of rekindling a love for Wilson. Players should find the best combination of skills that work for them and how they play, as there's a little bit of something for everyone in this update.

Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together is available for Mobile, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

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Don't Starve: How To Use Wilson's Insight Points (2024)
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